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John Buchan, the poet and former Governor-General of Canada, once said, “To live for a time close to great minds is the best kind of education.” By surrounding yourself with dynamic minds, Buchan believed in your inevitable attainment of progression. His words still ring true today at Joynture, a coworking community that offers entrepreneurs a synergetic and conducive environment for advancement.
Entrepreneurs at Joynture

Why do we consider Joynture an exceptional coworking space for entrepreneurs? Because Joynture itself was once a fantasy for a pair of entrepreneurs that has since transcended its boundaries and made great strides of growth. As a result, Joynture continues to keep the fire of entrepreneurship alive through its mission to provide the amenities and atmosphere that promote progress.

Joynture’s inherent member diversity, from video game developers to jewelry designers, is one of its most valued resources. The coworking space was designed to ensure privacy while leaving major avenues and gathering spots (such as the large communal kitchen space or the comfortable Hamilton common room) for mingling and exchanging ideas. Inspiration is always only a conversation away at Joynture.

Coworking Space for Entrepreneurs – New York

Coffee break

Coworking Space for Entrepreneurs –NYC


Shared Office Space for Entrepreneurs -Hard at work

Hard at work

Shared Office Space for Entrepreneurs -Couldn't be happier

Couldn’t be happier

Shared Office Space for Entrepreneurs -Coworking at its best

Coworking at its best

See why entrepreneurs work at Joynture’s NYC coworking space

Being on the tip of Silicon Alley is an unsurprising benefit. The creative and energetic climate of Joynture emanates on Wall Street in the heart of the Financial District. To the north is the spine of Manhattan’s Silicon Alley while the ever-reinventing Brooklyn lies just to the east.

Come take a tour and see why Joynture is a cut above the rest!

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