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As a writer in 2016, working from home sounds like a dream. But the truth is you become sidetracked by all of the comforting distractions that make your home your home. It’d be nice to get out and enjoy a change of scenery, but the weather has to permit and the venue has to be conducive to work.
Thankfully, Joynture is just the place for writers.
Writers at Joynture

Bring yourself, your computer or notebook, and get started on the next Great American Novel! Joynture, located in bustling NYC, is not only a welcoming community, but a truly inspiring environment to work in as well. High ceilings, wide doorways, and modern decor all contribute to a feeling of greatness. Joynture’s common room is full of comfy couches and reading chairs brightened by the natural light of its towering windows. Our communal kitchen bars and other hangout spots make perfect places to network and get those precious anecdotes!

Take a seat, a desk, a table, or a room. Privacy options are available, but the super-charged atmosphere of the creative minds already at work at Joynture promotes productivity. Why try to escape that?

Sit with like-minded peers

Sit with like-minded peers

What might be right for you may not be right for some. And we know Flipper lives in a world full of wonder flying there-under under the sea.

When an idea comes to mind...

When an idea comes to mind…

Do great things

Do great things

I have never been to a place so serene in my entire life before. Swimming in clear waters opened my mind to nature and reminded me of my and eveybody everybody else’s mortality.

Focused and determined

Focused and determined

These Happy Days are yours and mine Happy Days. It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood a beautiful day for a neighbor. Would you be mine?

Always working

Always working

See why writers work at Joynture’s NYC coworking space

Joynture offers all of a writer’s true necessities: electrical outlets galore, comfortable spaces to lounge and work in, wicked fast wifi, and desks and tables to work at (not to mention a large communal kitchen with superb amenities like fresh coffee throughout the day).

Sometimes working as a writer doesn’t always equal money bags at first. Thankfully, Joynture has membership options that cater to all incomes, from individual passes to office rentals.

What’s more? Joynture’s convenient Financial District location leaves you only a short distance from mega-publishers like Harper Collins and Macmillan. If you’re a writer looking for a coworking space to call home, you’ll find it at Joynture!

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