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Freelancing isn’t an option for everyone! The patience and dedication required is a rare gift. We know what that life is like and understand what needs should be met in an exceptional coworking space!
Freelancers at Joynture

Take the internet, for example. Freelancing projects typically demand more than simple access to the internet. Since most freelance clients and associates communicate and exchange files with freelancers via the web, the connection needs to be strong and unbroken. Joynture’s lightning-quick internet is reliable and accessible across the entire space. Never worry about a bad connection again!

Shared Office Space for Freelancers -NYC and Philly

Achieve success

Shared Office for Freelancers -New York and Philadelphia

Get work done

Shared Office Space for Freelancers -Do what you love

Do what you love

Shared Office Space Freelancers -Head Down, Work Work Work

Head down, work work work

Shared Office for Freelancers- Build Something Great

Build something great

See why freelancers work at Joynture’s NYC & Philly coworking spaces

The digital world we work in can be taxing. Long hours in front of a computer screen can promote depression or strain on the eyes. We get it! The Joynture feng shui is bright, spacious, and splashed with modern color to promote positivity and progression. Utilize Joynture’s comfy common room for presentations and pitches. Play PS4 on the projection screen or unwind with a ping pong match against a fellow coworker. We don’t just offer a change of where you work, but also how you work.

Everyone functions differently and Joynture works to offer that unique combination that inspires all types of creatives, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. Are you a coffee drinker? How about a piping hot batch brewed fresh throughout the day? Although we can’t cover all your meals, we do keep a daily stock of snacks like cereals, candies, chips, and other caffeinated beverages.

Why choose anywhere else, right? It’s pretty clear that freelancers belong at Joynture. The opportunities and the benefits are too sweet to consider other mediocre spaces like coffee shops or living rooms to do business. Take a free personal tour of Joynture and see why we’re so convinced you’ll love it here!

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