Tech Services at Joynture

Have some technical work hanging over your head? Lucky for you, Joynture is a proud partner of EWS, an illustrious, in-house technical consulting firm.
EWS specializes in custom software development, business intelligence, data warehousing and technical talent recruitment.As a member, you are welcome to take advantage of 10 hours of free development services.

Mobile Development: We integrate innovative framework and design concepts into our mobile development projects, delivering user-friendly products
Responsive Web Design and Development: We are well-accustomed to the necessities and expectations of UI/UX, integrating the latest programming languages such as HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, and Ruby on Rails.
Business Process Optimization: We bring proven Business Process Optimization (BPO) strategies and tactics to clients through strategic consulting engagements and lasting partnerships.
Service-Oriented Architecture: We possess a well-rounded comprehension of business requirements in several industries that allow us to balance end user’s desires and business needs.
Business Intelligence: We offer custom solutions and innovative business reporting dashboards that collect and display complex data figures simply and effectively, ensuring key performance indicators are easily discernable via data visualizations.
Data Warehousing: We provide comprehensive systems for creating, managing, and enhancing the dissemination of company data through the use of optimized data warehousing tools.