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Shared Work Space in New York/ NYC
Everyone needs their space, and without the security of separate working quarters, how would any work get done? Shared workspaces might seem like a challenge to those who don’t understand how Joynture does coworking. And while we can’t account for other collaborative spaces, we can tell you exactly how Joynture accommodates all levels of coworking.
Shared Work Space at Joynture

Members and visitors in Joynture’s common areas can interface and network, strengthening relationships and making new, prosperous ones. Everyone has a story to tell and a unique journey of how they ended up at the powerhouse of NYC, Wall Street. Joynture’s feature common room, The Hamilton, houses such luxuries as a PS4, a massive projector screen, a ping pong table, bright windows, and comfortable seating to lounge in. Comparatively, Joynture’s communal kitchen features unique shared workspace conveniences like fresh coffee throughout the day, a miscellany of snacks, and an eat-in bar.

Shared Workspace – Focus


Shared Workspace – Hard work pays off

Hard work pays off

Shared Work Space – Work smarter, not harder

Work smarter, not harder

Shared Space – Never give up

Never give up

Shared Space – No time zone limit

No time zone limit

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Our coworking space designates a few areas specifically for busy minds to work together out of the office, a necessity for collaborative and shared workspaces. Scattered tables throughout The Hamilton provide working centers on the edge of the commons. All-purpose tables near the communal kitchen provide couch-benches and stool-style seating for casual work. On the opposite side of Joynture, Writer’s Row is another, albeit quieter, gathering place for shared work with tables and comfortable spots to mingle. Alongside Writer’s row is Joynture’s elongated communal whiteboard, with plenty of space to accommodate multiple teams of professionals.

Private Spaces

When the shared workspace needs to become the solitary workspace, Joynture provides the perfect solutions. Members can work at desks within shared offices or in their own private offices, depending on their preferred type of contract. Our one-of-a-kind phone booths offer speedy, solitary solutions to the bustle of the entrance and main common areas. When it’s time to buckle down and get the hard work done, you’ll always have a space to go to at Joynture!

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Shared Work Space Benefits
Shared Work Space Benefits

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