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Shared Office Space for Small Businesses
Coworking spaces are powered by small business. In the hallways and communal areas of coworking spaces like Joynture, you’ll encounter entrepreneurs and small businesses driven by ambition and innovation. If you’re considering opening shop in New York City, hear how Joynture caters to small businesses with top-notch coworking space resources. Below are some common attributes of successful small businesses that Joynture can provide:
Small Businesses at Joynture

An Inspirational Atmosphere: There are few things that signal thriving business as iconically as the buildings and bustle of downtown, whether it’s NYC. We like to keep our Joynture coworking spaces in the center of all the hubbub. Inside, Joynture’s high ceilings, many windows, fun decor, and inviting furniture contribute to a truly inspiring atmosphere for small business.

Talented Team Members: Small businesses were built on the success of recruiting and retaining proven, talented team members. Find like-minded experts that can strengthen your company right in Joynture’s neighborhood. Entrepreneurs, creatives, and other ambitious go-getters mingle and share insight at Joynture every day!

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Reliable Internet: Small businesses these days need to be online to survive. America is home to a technology-based culture that is dependent on things like information storage and speedy communication. Throw in tools like social media or blogs and it becomes clear that business lives on the internet. Thankfully, Joynture provides speedy, reliable internet access that’s capable of supporting many small businesses simultaneously all across the coworking space.

A Healthy Network: The scene around our coworking spaces provide a healthy network of professional individuals to interact with. Joynture’s own members contribute to progress by offering knowledge and strategy from diverse areas of business. Whether you’re looking for an alliance, a mentor, or even a competitor, you’ll find the crowd and network at Joynture conducive to small business.

Joynture was designed to ensure the needs of all types of businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives were met. If you only need to see it to believe it, schedule a free personal tour here!

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