NOMI Beauty – Showcasing Services at NYC Events

March 24, 2017

By: David-Alan Venable

If you have an occasion to look your best, why bother doing your own makeup when professionals can do it right in your hotel room? That’s the quality service NOMI Beauty offers. The beauty company provides in-room hair and makeup services to women staying in luxury hotels across New York City. NOMI Beauty makes ordering hair and makeup while traveling as easy as ordering room service.

Recently, the NOMI team took their services to the Millennial 20/20 Summit to give attendees a little insight into their beauty offerings. For those who don’t know, Millennial 20/20 holds annual events that “look into the future of nextgen commerce from the perspective of a digitally savvy consumer with a micro-focus on key pillars that include Retail, Marketing, Mobile, Payments, Video, Social, E-Commerce, CRM, Advertising and Big Data.”*

NOMI Beauty hosted a booth at Millennial 20/20 this year and provided makeup touch-ups to women to showcase the company’s talent. The event was an excellent way to provide something different and interactive that allowed NOMI to stand out from other vendors. As a Joynture member, NOMI Beauty was tipped off about Millennial 20/20 through update emails sent out to all coworking members. Working in a NYC coworking space provides a few significant resources for the beauty company. The Director of Operations said:

“[Working in a coworking space] allows us to find out about opportunities like the Millennial 20/20 Conference that we might not otherwise have heard about. It also provides us with a ready supply of hair and makeup models for training because our fellow coworkers love the idea of getting free hair and makeup!”

Access to resources and information like coworking spaces provide are keys to success for small businesses. After hearing about the Millennial 20/20 event, NOMI Beauty recognized the opportunity to put their product in front of important B2C and B2B clients. It was the first event of the kind they attended, and the perk of doing business in NYC is that events are happening all the time across the city!

The success of Millennial 20/20 prompted NOMI to get involved in the upcoming TechDay event in April. Since they received such a great response, they’ll operate a booth and pop-up beauty bar at TechDay as they did at Millennial 20/20. At TechDay, though, NOMI Beauty looks forward to meeting a slightly different type of crowd. They anticipate a crowd who might be more interested in startups and interested in a different angle of the company.

If you’re a traveling, working woman in NYC and need a professional makeup job, the stylists and makeup artists at NOMI Beauty will bring their talent right to your room! Book an appointment today or stop by their booth at TechDay 2017 next month.


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