A Happy Morning Routine

September 21, 2015

Every wonder how some people are bright, bubbly and bursting with love early in the mornings while you are wishing to still be in bed? We have a few tips to help you get feel more like those sunny folks!

  1. Don’t over-consume liquor to avoid a hangover the next morning
  2. Get at least six hours of sleep
  3. Get your heart rate going in the morning with at least fifteen minutes of a physical activity that you enjoy: running, dancing, Pilates, yoga…
  4. Eat a healthy breakfast. If you’re an adult reading this, you know what’s healthy (oatmeal) and what’s not (chocolate pancakes covered in whipped cream)
  5. Listen to upbeat music on your commute to work

Making these changes to your routine should get you on the way to better morning!

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