Joynture’s “Food Truck of the Month”: Milk Truck

November 12, 2014

Cheese lovers, rejoice! Our inaugural “Food Truck of the Month” is Milk Truck, a more-than-just-a-grilled-cheese vendor whose reoccurring Friday stop in front of 48 Wall St. ensures our members their weekly dose of calcium.

Offering a selection of delectable, thickly sliced bread, top-quality cheeses and prime toppings, their sandwiches are redefining the classic American standard. Milk Truck has been praised by notable publications like the Village Voice for its signature Mac and Cheese side dish, which comes blended with aged cheddar, gruyere and asiago cheeses in a bechamel sauce and topped with breadcrumbs. Still not enough? Bessie (the official given name of the Milk Truck) comes fully stocked with milk shakes, a handful of soups, fresh salads and pickles to compliment your sandwich experience.

We spoke to Milk Truck owner Keith Klein about his Friday experiences on Wall Street. “I can tell you this. The Bacon Cheddar Blue was invented on Wall Street one Friday when we realized how much you folks there like bacon,” he said. “Wall Street was our first real location when we opened the truck and has remained one of our faves all this time. The people are great and the sales are good. What’s not to like?”

Sunny Rosario, Joynture’s evening reception, is one of Milk Truck’s fans. “I can’t really call any one of their sandwiches my favorite,” she said. “Whatever I order on any given day easily becomes the best grilled cheese I’ve ever had.”

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