Key Industries in NYC

December 30, 2015

By: David-Alan Venable

Business in New York City is attributed to a few key industries that keep a lot of the local market afloat. As an entrepreneur, freelancer, or business-oriented individual, you should understand these key industries and do what you can to create relationships or network within them. Here are your key industries for success in The City That Never Sleeps:

Financial Services — I don’t think it should come to a shock to anyone that the major business players in the Big Apple are all about money. Most of the city was built (or at least started) on the backs of multi-millionaires and billionaires. That money still exists in NYC; it’s evolved into a massive community of investors, venture capitalists, and financial institutions that’s constantly on the lookout for new roots. This is where you come in! Bring your talent and ambition to NYC and find the money to fuel your biggest dreams! (Need a coworking space to call home while you’re here? We’ve got one right in the heart of the Financial District, at 48 Wall Street!).

B2B Companies — For those who don’t know, B2B usually means business-to-business, or transactions that are made with other businesses instead of the typical commercial consumer. Where there’s money, there are bound to be workforces dedicated to protecting it. And NYC definitely has money. You can sell to and work with thousands of B2B companies and never leave the island! B2B may seem like a niche audience, but New York City provides plenty of opportunities to tap into this rich resource.

Health Care — Health care is a major employer in NYC and thus a giant market to get involved in. Many of the state’s best hospitals and largest pharmaceutical companies call Manhattan home and are always on the edge of tomorrow with breakthroughs in technology. Not every idea is a game changer, but in a community consistently hunting for better solutions, ideas and contributions are rewarded. Consider crafting business that contributes to the NYC scene Forbes calls “the Epicenter of Healthcare’s Reinvention.”

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