On Veterans Day, Compelling Design & Poppies

November 11, 2014

Here at Joynture, our members spend a great deal of time thinking about design and the meaning behind designs.

What thoughts are evoked by the colors in a logo? What memories are stirred by the sound of a company name?

This Veterans Day, we would like to highlight an example of great design that has stirred many to remember the sacrifice of men and women who served in uniform. That would be the poppy display at the Tower of London that honors the hundreds of thousands of British and Colonial soldiers and sailors who died during World War I.

The use of many individual items (the red poppies) placed close together is akin to the great mass of individual names on U.S. Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. These powerful designs call us to remember the collective sacrifice of so many.

The last poppy was placed today in London (picture above). 

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