Meet the Real “Amazing Amy”

November 10, 2014

Here at Joynture, we are proud of the progress our members make on their journeys to success. In that regard, we’d like to take this time to introduce you to two very innovative forces in our coworking space: and Amy Ingram., founded this year by Dennis R. Mortensen, Alex Poon, Matt Casey, and Marcos Jimenez, is a technology startup working to eliminate the untimeliness and frequent headache associated with scheduling meetings. To alleviate the typical stress, the team at developed an “artificial intelligence powered personal assistant,” who handles the bulk of the scheduling process. Her name is Amy Ingram.

The team at has ensured that working with Amy is seamless and virtually effortless. Amy was designed to recognize natural language and provides “human-like” dialogue in all of her emails, making integration into the everyday work routine incredibly easy. She doesn’t require any downloads or external applications. Those utilizing Amy simply CC her in an email and allow her to take over from there. Pear Benjasirichai, Customer Acquisition Manager at, advises, “Think of her as a remote personal assistant back at the office while you’re on travel. All you’d do is loop her into your emails.” Around the company, she is simply treated as another integral person on the team.

The process works like this: Someone emails you asking to meet sometime soon. In order to set up a meeting, you respond, CC’ing Amy, thus giving her permission to work her magic. At this point, you’re removed from the scheduling process until something more concrete is decided upon. Amy, on the other hand, is working hard to organize a set time and date by communicating with the recipients, suggesting potential availabilities. Once Amy and the recipients have agreed upon a tentative meeting time and location, an invite appears in your inbox. Voila! And it’s as simple as that.

Amy schedules meetings with your individual preferences in mind (such as your favorite coffee shop or a “no meetings on Mondays” policy) and works by synchronizing with your calendars so she doesn’t have to keep asking you for your availabilities. And just as with any personal assistant, the more you work with Amy, the more she learns about what works best for you.

The team at have secured funding for Amy and are making steady progress on her mass release. Recently, they’ve been serving their Google Calendar compatible system and have begun testing their Microsoft Exchange integration, which will “open up opportunities for Amy to work for more executives.” employee numbers have doubled since the company moved into Joynture nearly three months ago and they’re still looking for more talent to fill positions. is gaining recognition here at Joynture and in the technology community. As much as we wish them all the luck in the world, it appears that they’re in very little need of it.

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