The Neighborhood

August 16, 2016

We had The Neighborhood stop into Joynture today. Here’s what they’re about:

The Neighborhood is a community development company that is dedicated to providing every day people with enhanced experiences in their neighborhood. Their mission is to bring people that live and work in the area to experience and discover local businesses in their community and save money while they’re doing it. The Neighborhood provides their members with monthly complimentary vouchers to local businesses walking distance from where they live or work.

The Neighborhood helps you find amazing new places with great products and services all in one place! As a member of The Neighborhood you can expect to receive about $200 worth of experiences that you can go and redeem completely complimentary and without any conditions for a flat $20 a month. Offers will change for you every month and as the company learns about your preferences they will continue to improve the promotions you receive to make them custom to you.

As a member of The Neighborhood $20 gets you so much more. Not only are you discovering new places around you, but you are trying new things that are completely free. Your membership package each month will have varying types of experiences from food and drinks, to fitness classes and Health and Wellness. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and get started with this amazing adventure!

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