Upcoming Workshop: Common Contract Law Issues Faced By Small Business Owners

August 30, 2016

Eric Sarver is an New York State attorney. For over seventeen years, he has litigated and resolved disputes for his clients, and has handled countless business transactions as well. An entrepreneur at heart, he founded his law practice, The Law Offices of Eric M. Sarver, in April of 2001.

Now Attorney Eric Sarver wants to help other entrepreneurs and startups by answering this question: How do you draft, review, and negotiate clear contracts? On September 13 at 5:45pm at Joynture he will provide a basic overview of what language to look for, what terms to include, and what terms and language to avoid, in the following types of contracts:

  • Restrictive Covenants / Non-Compete Agreements / Non-Solicitation Agreements;
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements and Confidentiality Agreements;
  • Independent Contractor Agreements (whether you are the independent contractor / freelancer, or the small business that hires independent contractors);
  • Contracts for services (what clauses should you be wary of? What should you include in a contract for your company’s goods or services?) And, last but not least,

He will cover the basic criteria for proper employee classification. Who is an independent contractor? Who is an employee? What are the criteria your company must meet, for correctly classifying these two types of workers? In this workshop, he will address these issues, along with the types of contracts / agreements that your company needs to have in place, to ensure proper employee / worker classification. Be sure to RSVP today by clicking here! 

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