38 Days til 2016: How to Still Reach Your Goals

November 23, 2015

Like most, you probably made a resolution at the beginning of 2015 to change a habit or go somewhere. There are now thirty-eight days left to 2015 and if you’re like most, you haven’t accomplished this goal. However, you’re still in luck! Studies have shown that it only takes about thirty days to create or break a habit.

So what are your next steps? If you’re looking to create a habit like working out more, set a schedule for yourself to get to the gym at least three days per week. Calendar times and treat it like any other important meeting. If someone invites you to another event during that time, simply state that you are busy. Often times, it is probably best not to tell your invitor that you’re going to they gym. They may try to discourage you.

If you are looking to go somewhere, get on Expedia or other preferred travel site and figure out how much it costs to get where you want to go. Use these next thirty-eight days to save money for this trip if you have been avoiding the trip because of a lack of money. If it’s because of a lack of time, abbreviate the trip. Life is too short to wait for the perfect moment or for the seven-consecutive days that you will have nothing else going on in your life. As an adult, there will always be something going on. Set yourself as your number one priority. Enjoy life. Reach your goals.

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