Dress to Impress

November 24, 2015

By: Michelle Bonavitacola

I was recently invited to Revlon’s Night of Beauty here in New York hosted by Three Day Rule. Going into the event, I wasn’t sure what to expect. There was probably over one hundred women in attendance. The night started off with Revlon makeup artists transforming guests’ looks. There were also nail specialists, massage therapists and many more vendors there offering services to help women look and feel their best. I put my name on the list for a makeover and the artist “did me up” for part two of the night which was a social mixer.
Makeup2As the night went on, I decided to wait in line for a free photo. Here I met a new friend who also had a makeover and spent some time chatting with a few of the vendors. Finally, when it was time to move on to the social mixer, we joined another group of three women. As we enjoyed a flute of champagne and some appetizers, men started to mix and mingle into the room. It became quickly apparent that the majority of the men put no effort into the appearance where as the women had truly dressed to impress. And when I say no effort, I’m talking over-sized, dirty clothes that they could have possibly taken out of their larger roommate’s hamper.

So here is a PSA to the men of NYC: dress to impress when you’re going to a social function. Wear clean clothes, make sure they’re your size and put on a smile.

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