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Coworking and Shared Office Trends in 2017

February 24, 2017

By: David-Alan Venable

More people are using coworking spaces than ever before. Last year, there were an estimated 835,000 coworking members worldwide, compared to the 510,000 the year before according to the Global Coworking Survey.* The survey also projects growth of coworking spaces and shared offices to nearly 1.2 million in 2017.


Coworking Spaces Are Resourceful

The perks and amenities at coworking spaces like Joynture make it easier for startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses to get things going. Joynture’s amenities include benefits like multiple conference rooms, comfy common areas and a communal kitchen with seating for the whole team. Joynture, like other top-notch shared office spaces, also offers discounts on professional services such as Lyft, Amazon Web Services, and TriNet.

Professional Networking in Shared Offices

It’s easy to learn different facets of business when you’re surrounded by other professionals doing the same thing. And that’s exactly what you get with a shared office space. Free learning, free access to info and perspectives on business all from carrying on a conversation with your coworker.

Coworking Spaces Are Hubs for New Opportunities

When you put a few active, creative minds together you can almost feel the energy. At coworking spaces and shared offices, members and visitors share perspectives on many levels of business. Joynture is home to a diverse range of members who each have unique insight: from (energy consultants to media companies). The busy activity in a shared office is inspiration enough, and the knowledge that other coworking space members bring is an invaluable resource.

There’s another trend going around coworking spaces: to move around from shared office to shared office every year or two. That might be explained by a couple of things: 1. Most coworking spaces might not be in the best location, and 2. There was no reason to stay.

Here’s how Joynture is different. 1. It’s located in New York City, on Wall Street nonetheless, and 2. Joynture members are like family. Beyond the great benefits and perks of Joynture, our members are affable and friendly. You won’t need to pick up and find a “better” shared office when your workspace is like home.

Looking For a Coworking Space or Shared Office?

Choose Joynture!

Don’t settle for cookie cutter coworking spaces! Our unique and diverse shared office at 48 Wall Street will help set your business up for success. Want to know how to get started? Give Joynture a call or stop in for a tour of the space. If you’re interested in spending a day at Joynture as a visitor, let us know! Come see what all the talk is about.


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