Coworking at Joynture

My First Month at Joynture

February 23, 2017

By Joynture Member: Andrea Wasserman

After more than a decade at corporate offices and a year bouncing among coffee shops, I took the co-working plunge and started working at Joynture last month.

I had a few reasons for doing so. First, I was spending too much time deciding where to go every day – paralyzed by choice, one might say, among the NYC options. But few options guaranteed consistent Wi-Fi and an appropriate environment for professional phone calls. Finally, I wanted an obvious place to take meetings.

While I knew Joynture was the right choice for all of these predictable reasons, there are five cool benefits I hadn’t even contemplated:

  1. All the comforts of a professional workspace, without feeling like you need to tell anyone when you’re coming or going
  2. People smile at you more than in a coffee shop, and it’s less weird when you chime in on a conversation you overhear
  3. I spend less money on food because I’m not justifying my coffee shop table by buying more snacks as the hours pass
  4. …which also means I eat less despite the free snacks now staring at me (bonus learning: apparently I do have willpower)
  5. Lots of hustling small companies yields an energizing vibe

All in all, one month in, Joynture has given me everything I knew I needed plus some perks I didn’t even realize I wanted.

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