Lunch Picks in FiDi

March 31, 2016

By: Michelle Bonavitacola

I often get asked by my members, “what should I get for lunch?” and I struggle to recall all the different items I love. I have taken some time to compile my favorites and here is the list of my favorite lunches by Joynture on Wall Street.

Asian Inspired Sandwiches: Num Pang at 75 Broad Street

Avocado Club Chicken Sandwich: Smashbuger at 136 William Street

Chicken Pita: Pita Press at 25 Cedar Street

Dumplings & Chinese Food: Oriental Express at 32 Cedar Street

Garlic Knot Chicken Sandwich: Justino’s at 77 Pear Street

Ginger Bowl: Roast Kitchen at 199 Water Street

Mexican Burger Wrap: El Toro at 69 New Street

Pizza & Bruschetta: Tre Sorelle at 61 Reade Street

Steak & Roasted Peppers Hero with Garlic Dill Mayo: Mooncake Foods at 111 John Street

Traditional Deli Sandwiches: Champs at 30 Broad Street

Veggie Plate: Dig Inn at 80 Pine Street

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