Saint Patrick’s Day 2016 NY: What You Need to Know

March 16, 2016

By: David-Alan Venable

Quick History

Saint Patrick was born in Britain in the fourth century and probably had a decent life until he was about 16. But that’s when things went south. Irish raiders attacked his family’s estate and stole him, carrying him back to Ireland with their loot. They kept him captive for six years where he grew as a lonely shepherd clinging to his religion for hope. It’s told that it was during these years, Saint Patrick began dreaming of converting the Irish people to Christianity.

Eventually he escaped by trekking almost 200 miles to the coast and taking a boat back to Britain. Next, he trained to be a priest for around 15 years before being sent back to Ireland to spread Christianity there. He is remembered for incorporating celtic symbols and rituals into his beliefs and teachings, and bringing a wave of Christianity into Ireland.

Saint Patrick’s Day, or the Feast of Saint Patrick, is celebrated on the day of his death (March 17). Green colors and shamrocks are incorporated into the celebration because of his use of them in his Christian teachings and their allusions to Ireland. The Feast has long included alcohol, and Lenten restrictions are lifted for the day (even more reason to celebrate while you can). If you were worried that the holiday was sacrilege, think again!

Saint Patrick’s Day in NYC

So how can you get your St. Patty’s Day on in NYC this year? The no-brainer is the very old and always entertaining St. Patrick’s Day Parade downtown. The official parade website tells us the first NYC St. Patrick’s Day parade was held on March 17, 1762! Fourteen years before the Declaration of Independence was signed! Around 150,000 people march annually in the parade, and the festival draws about 2 million spectators.

If you’re looking to join in on the loudest St. P day celebration in the city, you’ll want to head down to Fifth Avenue. The Saint Patrick’s Day parade begins at East 44th and will make its way to its close at East 79th Street. Don’t forget your beer and portable toilets!

Another authentic and less-crowded alternative is to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day by throwing a few back at your local pub or irish bar. And if that’s more up your alley, you’re in luck! NYC has dozens and dozens of unique bars that cater to the holiday year-round, but pour a little bit extra for the occasion.

You might be interested in visiting a church for the holiday instead. You’re also in great luck! NYC has loads of places for the pious to celebrate a less-rambunctious flavored holiday. St. Patrick’s Cathedral in midtown might be just your type of spot. Apart from the eponymous cathedral, the boroughs are packed with catholic and non-denominational churches alike for you to pay tribute to during the holiday.

Joynture’s St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

If you want to keep things a little closer to home, consider dropping into Joynture’s St. Patty’s celebration and enjoy themed snacks and cocktails, great company, and beer on tap! Share drinks and conversation with current and future friends while you get to tour our bright coworking space. Don’t forget to wear something green, though, or your very liable to be pinched by a Joynture member…


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