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February 22, 2017

Gotham 360 is a full-service energy consulting and management firm happily located in Joynture’s New York City office. Gotham 360 assists their clients in managing energy risks and challenges while helping them source the most innovative and cost-effective energy solutions available.

Clients who partner with Gotham 360 come from a variety of sectors including education, healthcare, financial, government, and real estate. While many of Gotham 360’s previous and current clients are in the non-profit sphere, they are excited about a new corporate partnership in 2017. This year, Gotham 360 is helping Discovery Communications reach their goal of becoming carbon neutral.

With so many offices and productions worldwide, carbon neutrality is no small task for Discovery. However, Gotham 360 is eager to support Discovery in their path to becoming an industry leader through energy efficiency, investments in solar, and instilling a culture of sustainability throughout the company.

The first step in this endeavor is to conduct a comprehensive assessment of where Discovery is at now. It’s impossible to know how to reach the goal of carbon neutrality if you do not know your current carbon footprint! Gotham 360 is currently working to gather data from all levels of the company in order to determine their carbon footprint – as well as to compile all other sustainability initiatives that are in place to date. Then, a plan can be made for reaching carbon neutrality.

Go visit the Gotham 360 team in office 5 to learn more about their work!

Joynture Members

Just some of the amazing Gotham team!

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